What will people say?

What will people say? A common saying that obliterates the specification of every woman. Who are these people? And where are they? Am I one? Or you? Or all of us? Woman pushed off back by useless word and thoughts. It seems like women had been forced to sacrifice their comfort and happiness, spend difficult life rather be alive in life.
Woman lives three stages of life
What will people say?
Just for this dialogue women faced different situation such as….
What will people say if a daughter is born….
What will people say? If she wants to play any game…
What will people say? If she wants to train for dancing…
What will people say?  If she is not cooking…
Why are you doing a job while your father is alive? What will people say?
What will people say?  You are too old and still not married….
What will people say?  If you got love marriage….
What will people say? If your third engagement will breakup….
What will people say? Bad family, bad boy but if we refused wedding time….
Your husband is tyrant but if you get divorce….. What will people say?
If you have been abused keep silence….. What will people say?
And many such things are an important part of every woman’s life. Those
Make life grief affrication and bring distraction.
Did we ever think that who are these people? Is it our thinking? Is it our averse face? Or might be imaginary fear? A fear that liked a shadow with us. Woman’s didn’t bring into being thinking, negative face, and fear ; either it is construction of parents and relatives, Being a human afraid by human words, they fled of positive thought, positive work and confine their self to negative realm. Woman is afraid by those thoughts which not exist, during the time of difficulties, problem and grief. These thoughts are just dust of fumes. We have to broaden the scope of thinking and awareness. Did fear of losing honor, loss of dignity in men’s society. so , who are the men? Who are woman? When both are human being; then why we afraid of human.
If it’s necessary to what people say? Then why not people say positive. Instead of blocking the way, why don’t they open the way, why not be the lights of way.they put chains on foot by these such thoughts,  not be resorting to hand. Darkness of night; not is the dawn of the morning. The itch of tears does not be showers of happiness.
Why don’t people say; that, you’re human, it’s not man’s society’ its human society.You can do everything. People will not say anything. Do whatever you want. Wear whatever you outfit. Study whatever you like. You rise above to the anguish. You openly confronting every abuse, that you are a human being.
It’s your life. Do not confuse your thoughts in people’s words (says). The voices are lost (disappear) when they are borne. Implementation is forever lasting. So, do such actions; people will follow you. When people would have to do something, people will not say anything.
That daughter can be you……
That can girl can be you…..
That woman can be you…..
You’re afraid of life,
You’re afraid of life,
Even you’re life,
Even you’re life, even we are life,
You’re afraid of man,
You’re afraid of man, Even you’re man,
Even you’re man, even we are men,
You are afraid now itself…
Man is tongue, man is talk,
Relations of word and meaning came slowly (through which) man exists
By the closeness of man, yeah closeness of man, (not word-to-word here)
Life exists
You’re not afraid of it…
You’re not afraid of it, you’re afraid of the unsaid (unforeseen)
The time that has not come,
You’re afraid of its predictions
You’re afraid now itself…
Previously too, there have been
Times of non-communication, of heavenly un-love
Still you think so…
Still you think that Selling your wishes for low price (can’t tell whether Mandi here means low price or not)
(And) This night of silence Godliness exists and stays…
But how would you know
If lips don’t move
Hands wake up,
Hands wake up, symbol of way,
Hands speak,
Becoming the prayer of the morning…
You’re afraid of light,
Even you’re light, even we are light,
You are afraid now itself…
On the walls of the city
It was the end of the giant shadow
The cloak of night
Was dissect end, was finally laid to
The person ever to descend overcrowding
The soul’s voice
Like in the way to their goal, travelers’ blood runs fast
A new passion picks up,
Even the human is shaken,
And look, the man laughs the city is built again
You’re afraid now itself…
You’re afraid of lights…

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